Pool Service and Maintenance 

We desire to ensure your pool is maintained and cleaned to the highest standards of the industry. Our commitment is to ensure your pool is functional, clean, and your water’s chemicals are balanced so that it is ready to enjoy.  During our weekly visits our technician will provide the following services: brushing, vacuuming, skimming of pool surfaces, emptying of baskets, inspection of pool equipment to ensure functional, and balancing of the pool’s chemistry.

Repair Service 

Our job is to help solve your pool equipment problems that happen from time to time. Whether your pump has stopped working, your heater is not igniting, or you need equipment updated or replaced we can help. We specialize in the repair of pool pumps, motors, heaters, automation, sanitization systems, and pool lighting. Our goal is to meet your expectation of solving your repair needs or make recommendations of the equipment you may need. With years of experience in the industry we are committed to solving your problem or finding a solution that suites your personal needs.

Pool Inspection

Found that dream home that has a pool or maybe you just want to know the condition of your pool and its equipment? Our personalized pool inspections specialize in attention to detail by providing our customers with the tools necessary to learn about the condition of their pool. At your inspection visit our trained technician reviews all aspects of your pool and equipment to find any areas of concern. At the conclusion of the inspection a detailed report is drafted to include an extensive and complete overview of the swimming pool and equipment making special note to areas of concern along with a picture.

Green to Clean

Have a pool that has turned green and not looking the best? We can help by getting your pool back to looking great. On arrival our technician will assess the pool and condition of the water chemistry, pool equipment, and pool filtration. After review the technician will discuss findings and design an individual treatment plan that will ensure the pool is cleared up. With extensive experience at clearing up green pools we are confident that we can get your pool back to a place of a stress-free enjoyment.

Chemical and Parts Delivery

Although we do not have a traditional store front we do offer chemical and parts sales for all of your swimming pool and equipment needs. Not sure what equipment you need? Let us help you customize and recommend based upon your personal pool need. All current route customers are provided complimentary delivery of all parts, equipment, and chemicals.